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Some Sample Cases

Our cases include a wide array of investigative assignments.  A few examples include:

Following the trail of embezzled funds over a two-year period, resulting in wresting control of a 50-year-old family business worth more than $100 million from the much-younger wife of the family patriarch suffering from dementia.

Using covert techniques to learn the motivations and in-depth background information of two unrelated individuals attempting to purchase the boyhood home of a 1960s rock 'n roll legend.

Locating children kidnapped by non-custodial parents.

Locating the sole witness who could prove the innocence of a defendant wrongfully imprisoned for rape 10 years previously.

Proving collusion between a regulatory board and a private sector corporation they were charged with policing.

Recovering $1 million of $2 million that an American con man had convinced a wealthy European socialite to "loan" to  him before he disappeared.
The successful conclusion of a worker's compensation case that saved a California city $1.4 million dollars.

A woman whose husband was living and working in another state wanted to know if he was faithful or had ever been unfaithful.  The answer was a surprise for us.

We helped to resolve the matter for a woman who was owed thousands in back child support, but whose ex-husband claimed he lived in another state, causing the case to fall under that state's jurisdiction.  We proved that he lived in Arizona, and thus were instrumental in getting the back child support our client was owed.

Whether your case is less spectacular, more spectacular or something entirely different is of little concern.  Our only concern is how we can get the  information that will allow you to move forward with a favorable resolution to your situation.

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